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Carole Chiotasso | Hand crafted gold jewellery

Corporate Identity

Shop Design

Packaging Design (jewellery boxes)


To make the branding, structure and concept aligned with the business we start, as always, with asking questions and linking the brand to a historical approach with a focal point on the future. 
What is the focus of the business? Luxury sustainable jewelry made only in gold.

Gold since the ancient times has been the master material related to nobility, power, and all properties from the atomic level to the alchemy symbolic values - and this has made it special for centuries. We analyze all aspects: from historical and sociological to economic and influencial.

Considering what the EU bank president said: “Gold is the best investment in times of turbulence”. The value is based on an old Latin proverb “in vino veritas in aqua sanitas” - which is translates to "the wine is the truth and water health". We transformed this proverb to link gold to truth “In Auro Veritas” - in gold is the truth.


The double symbol and logo "CC" is used to create a bracelet with the same form - two C's linked toghet: an idea that is also used by iconic jewellery companies like Cartier which have also created pieces using their logo. 

Colors, patterns, facade, packaging, and storytelling are all in the line of relevance to convert this jewelry house into a prestigious brand that we desire will be standing for decades if not centuries.

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